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Why ProMelt?

Snow Melting systems provide snow-free driveways and walkways. ProMelt provides safer outdoor surfaces and has all the products you need to protect your family and friends from the hazards of accumulated snow and ice. Automatically Heat your driveways and walkways with ProMelt Electric Radiant Snow Melting Mats, Cables and controls

Choose the Leader - SunTouch ProMelt snow and ice melting products are manufactured in the USA by Watts Radiant, the largest U.S. manufacturer of Radiant heating products for your home, both indoors and outdoors.

Why Choose ProMelt?

  • Made in the USA by a trusted manufacturer established in 1874 – no one else compares!
  • The leader in Quality, Safety and Product Selection
  • In-house engineering, design and manufacturing; complete control to ensure quality.
  • Watts Radiant makes ProMelt for sale by Warm Your Floor – no deceptive private labels like others
  • Heated driveways and walkways, Small or large, in any climate zone, are safer with ProMelt